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Trends and Events
14 Dec 2010

The annual newsletter in which the Federation reviews its previous twelve months’ activities, Trends and Events 2010, has now been published. It provides an overview of those IP issues which engaged industry during that period and tries to look...
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Panel of experts advising independent review into IP and growth announced
08 Dec 2010

The Intellectual Property Office in the UK has announced in a press release the panel of experts advising the independent review into the intellectual property system. The review was launched by Prime Minister David Cameron during a speech to an...
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IP Federation supports on-line file inspection
26 Oct 2010

The President of the IP Federation has written to John Alty, Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office, saying the following:  I note from the CIPA Journal of August 2010 (page 515), and your speech at the CIPA Congress very recently,...
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IP Federation supports proposed Council Regulation on patent translations
24 Sep 2010

The IP Federation has issued a statement in support of the principles expressed in the proposal for a Council Regulation on the translation arrangements for the European Union patent. The members of the Federation support principles expressed in the...
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IP Federation elects new President, James Hayles, effective 9 July 2010.
12 Jul 2010

The IP Federation is pleased to announce that Mr James Hayles has been elected as the new President of the Federation, effective 9 July 2010. James is a qualified UK and European Patent Attorney with over 20 years’ experience of IP work gained...
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IP Federation appoints new Secretary, David England
03 Jun 2010

The IP Federation has appointed a new Secretary, David England, effective 1 June 2010. David England is a qualified UK and European patent attorney with 25 years' experience gained at Reckitt & Colman, Astra Pharmaceuticals and BTG International....
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